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This site is designed to help you learn more about roping and if you are a roper, to give you a huge advantage in becoming the best roper you can be. No where else will you find such a wealth of information and a place you can discuss topics and ask questions, all under one roof. Compare us to the few other such sites on the web and here is what you will find:
  There are 127 videos online, they have been viewed 29018 times. The last video was added on 2011-03-17.
    Roping With Joe Beaver
  Run by an Eight Time World Champion? YES!
  Has videos of himself roping? YES!
  Has personally created training videos? YES!
  Is he a professional instructor as well? YES!
  Maximum standard video size? 560x320**
  Flash video? YES!
  HTML5 Video YES!
  iPhone/iPad/iPod usable? YES!
  HD Video? Planned!
  Forums? YES!
  Forum Runner app for smartphones (iPhones, Android) and Tablets (iPad, Android) on forums? YES!
  Articles? YES!
  Blogs? YES!
  Photo galleries? YES!
  DVD Video productions for sale? YES! Nine and counting!
  Some content available for free? Limited
  Monthly subscription? $40
  Yearly subscription? $250
  Lifetime subscription? $1250
  Large preview screens and buttons to make the site easily usable on Netbooks, Tablets and Smartphones? YES!
  Can users upload videos? YES!
  Free video reviews? (Joe will review four of your videos with each paid year subscription. or six per year for lifetime members! Videos will be returned with Joe doing a voiceover to comment on your roping.) YES!
  Paid referral program? (You get one month free for each new person who signs up for a year and sends in your username as the referrer) YES!
  Joe's videos are not just clips of him and others roping you can watch just like on YouTube for free. Joe has instructional videos where he is talking directly to you showing you how to tie, block, feed your rope, tips for left hander's, adjusting your saddle, and much much more. Then there are the videos of his actual runs where he does a voiceover to give you insights into what he did right, what he did wrong, and what obstacles he had to overcome on that particular run. Lastly there are videos of just runs with no voiceovers just so you can watch (there are few of these).

In addition to all the videos there is a rich content system including tons of pictures of Joe and others, articles from all kinds of people on topics from choosing a equine veterinarian to maintaining your computer, then there are the forums which allow you to discuss and ask questions, the calendar system listing upcoming rodeo events and Joe's roping schools and much more.

If you are serious about your roping, the questions is not why would you subscribe, but why have you not already subscribed? Here you will find high quality instruction, discussion and other resources for the price of a cup of coffee a day! (based on the yearly subscription plan)

Click the Videos link here or below and subscribe today!

** = Note that older videos were shot at lower resolutions and in general are presented in their native resolution.
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